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Mayor Balen Shah Named Among Time Magazine’s “100 Emerging People of the Year”


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KATHMANDU, September 14, 2023 — Nepal celebrates Mayor Balen Shah of Kathmandu, as Time magazine recognizes him in the prestigious “100 Emerging Leaders of the Year” list. This honor places Mayor Shah among influential global figures who are shaping the future.

Mayor Balen Shah has also earned a place in Time magazine’s exclusive “Time Hundred Next” list, which spotlights young leaders and innovators driving global change.

Time magazine highlights Mayor Shah for his leadership and dedication to Kathmandu, particularly after the 2015 earthquake. His emphasis on swift, practical solutions has garnered praise.

Mayor Shah’s contributions encompass addressing urban issues such as waste management, sanitation, water access, road cleanliness, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Kathmandu has made notable progress in these areas under his guidance.

Time magazine underscores Mayor Shah’s holistic vision for urban development, extending beyond infrastructure. He focuses on enhancing lives while safeguarding cultural heritage.

Mayor Balen Shah’s inclusion underscores his tireless efforts and innovative governance, inspiring both the local community and a global audience and showcasing leadership’s transformative power.

Mayor Balen Shah expressed gratitude, noting that this recognition reflects not only his achievements but also the collective dedication of Kathmandu’s residents.

As Nepal celebrates, Mayor Balen Shah joins emerging leaders worldwide, reaffirming the potential for progress within communities and individual influence in shaping a brighter future.

What is written in Times Magazine ? :

,”When Balendra Shah emerged as the unlikely winner of Kathmandu’s mayoral election in May 2022, his trademark square, black-and-gold sunglasses quickly began selling out in Nepal’s capital. The 33-year-old, who has a master’s degree in structural engineering, ran as an independent and used TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to harness voter anger over the status quo—sparking a “Balen effect” that saw as many as 385 independent candidates triumph over veteran politicians in last spring’s local elections. In a city still reeling from a deadly 2015 earthquake, Shah’s campaign promises were simple but offered desperately needed fixes: better waste disposal and sanitation, safe drinking water, clean roads, and the preservation of cultural heritage alongside urban development. His efforts to make good on these promises have been met with scrutiny, including in regard to their impact on the city’s poor and their reliance on demolishing buildings deemed illegal. Since coming into power, Shah has also signed agreements with officials to utilize landfill sites and announced plans to separate and dispose of nondegradable waste.

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