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Subaschandra Nembang’s son’s heartbreaking letter!


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Subaschandra Nembang’s son’s heartbreaking letter!

“Dad, I’m here.”
Father, I have come, wait for me for the last time. My wet eyes have turned to look at your whole face. Now the eyes are watering. I am tightening my pants with the courage to look at you. Father, I am cursing myself today, the son of a great man who ran to build the country has wandered abroad. He has lost the voice of his godlike father. He has no choice but to kiss the body of the raging sleep that has been waiting for him for some time. How did my mother and sister cope with the brokenness? They were not hurt at all when a pillar fell in front of them.

Father, it is not my obligation to go abroad, how many desires are connected, how many dreams I have. If I had been born from the womb of that poor person, my desires would have been limited, but I came down to earth from the womb of a powerful man. It’s not that I didn’t see the potential in this country, I went abroad to study more potential. I am trying to explain, not only mine, but the pain of all Nepalis is like this. Old parents lean against the wall, they toss and turn like a child who has been left alone, but they are waiting for death. Children are waiting for news of death.

Father, the transformation of the country would not have happened if you only wanted it. You have fulfilled your duty. There was no sadness when the Constitution of 2072 was issued. He became the apple of the eye of native and foreign elements. It was good for you to adapt to all the situation with the Maoists, the rumors that the army would surround the Singha Darbar, the threats of the neighbors. You just left a lot of possibilities, you missed those opportunities. Maybe God’s house also needs a great man like you. That is why you have become so cruel.

Today this pain has become common to every Nepali. Father, the pain is not big or small, it cannot be weighed. Even today there are many people like you in deep sleep. But, why is Kaukuti not leaving my heart? Why is it bothering me? Why do I feel like I’m fainting? I may be in someone else’s land. Tickets are not available at that time, the ship does not fly at that time. I wanted to come at night, I wanted to see my father’s flawless face.

Dad, I’m thinking, isn’t my mother’s day going to be the same tomorrow? I have not been able to think about whether to stay in Nepal or return. Now it is not easy for me to become great like you. Because you kept me away from this situation, you didn’t let the shadow of politics fall on me. My mother also stayed away from politics. You didn’t want to bring whole family members into politics like others. Nor taught us to play this game. How can we live in this country?

He left me with a wound that will never be erased, he went to a place where he will never be found. I am entering the airport. I want to see your face at least once. Thousands of your well-wishers will remember, we will also remember.
Heartfelt condolences, father.

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