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Tomato exports from Nepal to India worth over Rs 1.5 crore


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In the financial year 2079-80, Nepal exported 11 lakh kg of tomatoes to India and earned about 1.5 million Nepalese rupees from this exports. The significant revenue generated from this export can be attributed to the favorable market conditions and demand for tomatoes in India during that time.The key factors that may have led to the high demand and price of tomatoes in India are as follows:

1. Seasonal Factors: The export took place within the month of June. This timing suggests that it might have been the peak tomato season in Nepal when the supply was abundant. Seasonal factors can significantly influence prices, as increased supply during the peak season can lead to higher exports and potential profits.

2. Demand-Supply Imbalance: The demand for tomatoes in India may have outstripped the local supply during that period, leading to a need to import tomatoes from Nepal to meet the domestic demand. If the supply from domestic sources was not sufficient to fulfill the requirements, it would have driven up the prices, making imports an attractive option.

3. Price Disparities: The price of tomatoes in India being more than 100 per kg implies a significant price disparity between the two countries. Such disparities can encourage cross-border trade as sellers can make substantial profits by exporting goods from Nepal, where the tomatoes might have been relatively cheaper, to India, where the prices were higher.

4. Trade Agreements or Tariffs: The trade relationship between Nepal and India may have favored the export of tomatoes by offering incentives or reduced tariffs for agricultural products. This could have further motivated Nepalese exporters to take advantage of the favorable conditions and export a large quantity of tomatoes.

5. Quality and Standards: The quality of Nepalese tomatoes may have met the required standards and preferences of the Indian market. The tomatoes exported may have been of good quality, free from pests or diseases, and met the necessary regulations for food safety and quality.

6. Logistics and Transportation: The ease and efficiency of transportation between Nepal and India could also play a role in facilitating such large-scale exports. Smooth logistics would ensure that tomatoes reach the Indian market fresh and in good condition, allowing sellers to command higher prices.

It’s important to note that the above explanation is based on assumptions and the limited information provided. The actual reasons for the high demand and price of tomatoes during that specific period would require a more in-depth analysis of the economic and market conditions prevailing at the time.

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