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Crore scammed by Phone Call : ‘I am God, deposit money in heaven’s bank’


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Sometimes it is so easy to fool people in the name of faith that there is no need to say anything. Recently, a woman was robbed in this way. In 2013, an elderly woman from Spain received a phone call for the first time.

Can you say ‘no’ to God? What if God called you directly for help? When ‘God’ called Esperanza, an elderly woman from Leon in northwestern Spain, and asked her to put her savings in the ‘Church of Heaven’, the woman couldn’t say no.

The woman never once suspected that she had been deceived, because she was convinced that God had chosen her when she called. For six years, Esperanza followed God’s instructions and stashed around 3 lakh euros (about Rs. 4.5 crores) in a small drawer at a local convenience store. She was told that the money was going to the Church of Heaven.

In this strange incident, the victim was suffering from religious delusion. In 2013, she became convinced that God had somehow chosen her and that she was a saint. The local shopkeeper has been accused of trying to take advantage of the woman after knowing her faith and robbing the woman.

When the robbery was revealed, Esperanza told reporters, “I have been a saint since 2013. During the car ride, I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I got home, he took me to the bathroom. There was written in blood on the mirror: ‘I am a virgin, here I have shed all my blood. My daughter, you are a saint. Wipe it with a sponge.’

The woman said that the first time she received a call from God in 2013, she was shocked. The caller told her to start depositing her money into “God’s checking account in the Bank of Heaven.” She was promised better interest rates than earthly banks, as well as building her own house in heaven with the money saved.

No one knew about her relationship with God, not even her children, as the so-called God allegedly threatened to kill her family if she told anyone. His children found out about this when they realized that their savings account was empty.

Although the accused in the incident claims that he is innocent, it is alleged that the police have evidence that he cheated the woman by pretending to be a god. His trial has just begun and the prosecution has sought an 8-year prison sentence for the defendant.

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