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Things to consider while giving the exam


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What are the most common mistakes made by the examinees in the exam?

In the Public Service Commission examination, the examinees are found not to take care of the time first of all. In the same way, it is found that the examinees do not care about which question in the exam, how much time to give and how much time to review. It is difficult to understand how much the question asks after reading the question once. So, the more times you read the question, the easier it is to write the answer. So you have to read the question many times to understand it easily. You should start writing the answer only after understanding the question well.

While writing the answer, one should be able to focus on what the question asks rather than drifting in many directions. After writing the answer, you should keep time to review, but the examinees do not do this. Generally, the exam should be taken easily, but the candidates get nervous, nervous and agitated after entering the exam hall. By doing this, the examinee misses writing the answer. They do not take care while writing and after leaving the exam hall they say that I have missed while writing the answer. To do so is to be nervous in general. In the same way, the examinee writes the answer to the question that asks to present an argument, but does not back up the argument with facts.

What should the examinee pay attention to in order to get maximum marks?

In order to get more marks, you should mainly write the pattern of the answer. For which attention should be paid while writing the main points, background, context and conclusion. When writing the answer, you should decide how to write the format. In general, the context should be clarified at the beginning of the question. Then concrete facts and data should be submitted. Finally, the conclusion should be included. When writing an answer to anything, it should be backed up with data, figures and facts. Similarly, the important topics that need to be focused on should be highlighted more. When the examinee writes the answer, he should focus more on what the question asks, if this is done, the examiner will know what the examinee has focused on. Therefore, when writing the answer to the question, rather than writing it out, you should write what the question asks for.

What kind of questions does the examiner expect from the examinee?

The examiner first looks at whether the examinee has understood the question and written the answer or not. The examiners pay particular attention to whether or not what is asked for in the question is mentioned while writing the answer and whether it is consistent or not consistent. When writing the answer to the question, the examiner does not consider it good to write the same thing where he got it.

Similarly, while writing the answer, the examiner also takes care of what the examinee has written as a conclusion. Even if he writes a lot, he also cares about what the conclusion is. Another thing is to check what kind of facts, figures and questions have been put/not put to confirm the fact. Another thing is whether the style of language is taken care of or not and the letters are also normal and taken care of. Even if you write unnecessary things, the examiner will not consider it good. For example: If you write unnecessary five pages in question number 10, the examiner will not consider it good. Therefore, while writing the answer, you should write only the answer asked for by the question.

What should the examinee pay attention to after entering the examination hall?

After entering the examination hall, the examinees should take care of whether they have the necessary materials such as writing pen, copy, admit card or not. You have to be very careful in time management. For example, I am going to give a three-hour exam and I have to answer 6 questions in 3 hours, and I have to divide those 6 questions according to how much time I manage based on the number.

While writing the answer to the question, you should write the answer to the question that comes to you at the beginning. Don’t panic if you don’t get an answer to any question. Therefore, you should write the answers to the questions that you find easy and simple at the beginning. Only after writing the answers to the upcoming questions, you should manage the time to write the answers to the difficult questions. After writing the answers to some questions in the beginning, the courage, enthusiasm and self-confidence of the examinees increases and thinking about the questions that did not come up also helps to write some questions.

You should not be nervous after going to the exam hall and while writing the answer you should not get carried away with emotional things. While writing the answer, you should only write the facts and figures. Finally, check what you have written on the copy and see if the symbol number is correct or not.

How is it appropriate to prepare for public service at the last moment?

At the last moment, while preparing for public service, one should ask experts to make some model question papers and try to see how much time I can write those model questions. For example: if there is an exam today, the candidate should be able to manage his time so that he can give this much time to all the questions in three hours. Another thing is to focus on the syllabus and read all the questions at once. Similarly, more time should be given to the main things. You should not panic because there is an exam tomorrow, but you should check again whether you have remembered what you have read or not.

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