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Biography Of Sunny Leone


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Sunny Leone is an Indo-Canadian American actress, businesswoman and former pornographic actress. She is also the most searched actress in Google. But what comes to your mind when you hear the name of Sunny Leone. There is no need to tell us this because our readers are so intelligent. Sunny Leone has struggled a long way while traveling from porn star to Bollywood artist. Let’s go….

Biography of Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone had to face opposition from various organizations before appearing in Hindi films because her background is well known and people’s sentiments get hurt very quickly in a country like India. Well, there were protests against him from many people in the industry as well but finally he got a break in Hindi films with Bhatt camp. When Mahesh Bhatt saw him for the first time in Bigg Boss house, he offered to cast him in his film.

Due to a controversy during the promotion of a film, heroine Sunny Leone got the support of veteran actors like Aamir Khan and Rishi Kapoor in Bollywood. The controversy happened due to some questions asked to him by a TV journalist in an interview. The questions gave the impression that Sunny was being humiliated for being a porn star. With the massive support Sunny has received from Bollywood on this, it is expected that in the coming times even established actors of Bollywood can do films with Sunny. This has not happened yet.

She has also been honored with many awards such as Web Babe of the Year in 2008, Web Starlet of the Year in 2010, Porn Site of the Year in 2012, etc. If you look at the list of richest porn stars of the year 2013, Sunny Leone Ranked 19th.

Early Life of Sunny Leone

The full version of Sunny Leone is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. He was born on May 13, 1981 in a Sikh Punjabi family in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. His father was born in Tibet. Later he lived and grew up in Delhi, while his mother belongs to Sirmaur named Nahan in Himachal Pradesh.

When Karenjit Kaur Vohra was 13 years old, her entire family moved from Canada to California, USA. The rest of Sunny’s studies were done in California.

Sunny Leone was very active since childhood and used to play hockey with the boys. Leon loved to go ice skating.

His family enrolled Sunny in a Catholic school. This happened because they thought that going to public school was not safe for Sunny.

Sunny Leone lost her virginity at the age of 16. Had established a relationship with a student of the school itself. He had his first kiss at the age of 11.

Sunny Leone Love Affair.

If we talk about Sunny Leone’s love life, Sunny Leone has also dated comedian Russell Peters after her relationship with Matt Erickson ended and then in early 2011, Sunny married Daniel.

Personal Life of Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone used to work in a German bakery before coming to the porn industry and after that did small jobs in many places. Sunny wanted to become a nurse. She was deeply impressed by the work of the nurses. She considered it more important than the work of a doctor. Due to service, she wanted to become a nurse. For this also did a course in Pediatric Nursing. While she was doing the course, one of her classmates introduced her to a man working in the adult film industry, for whom Sunny Leone gradually signed a contract with the porn film company Vivid Entertainment after photoshoots. And initially after doing a certain type of films, he also gave permission to work with a male actor. Sunny entered the porn industry in 2002.

But Sunny Leone had a condition that she would work only with her finance in a porn movie named Matt Erikson and after that many movies of Sunny and Matt came and later Sunny did limited number of male actors who are others as well. Work done.

In 2009, Sunny did a porn film with Daniel Weber. The same Daniel Weber who is her husband today. Sunny announced her marriage to Daniel in 2011. Daniel runs a film production house in America. He also works as Sunny’s manager. He handles all the work related to Sunny’s films.

Sunny Leone started his business in the name of his company LLC. He told that 80 percent of the people on his site come from India. Not only this, 60 percent of the earnings from the site comes from India. Just imagine how much money Sunny earned from India even before coming from Bollywood. Sunny Leone became heroine in 35 porn films. He also directed 25 such films.

Sunny has the citizenship of America but later since his parents have lived in India, on this basis he has also obtained the citizenship of India. Sunny’s father passed away in 2010 due to cancer.

Sunny Leone Big Boss

After spending almost 10 years in the porn industry, in 2011, Sunny Leone got an offer from India. She was not very enthusiastic about this offer. But in the end decided to try it. As a result, in 2011, she became a contestant in Colors TV channel’s reality show Bigg Boss.

Sunny Leone entered Bigg Boss season 5 through a wild card. When the guests of the house asked her what do you do, Sunny replied – I am an actress and model. Till then no one knew that Sunny is an actress of porn films. One day this was revealed in the show itself.

Another revelation happened in Bigg Boss itself. In one episode, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt came as a guest and left after offering Sunny Leone his next film (Jism 2). Remembering that, Sunny Leone says- I was thinking that they are doing this for the show, it is not the reality. But when I left the show, met Pooja Bhatt, later met Mahesh Bhatt, then I felt that the offer had actually been made.

Sunny Leone Filmy Career

His career in Hindi films started with Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Jism 2’. Which did not get any special response from the critics. The film was commercially successful. After that Sunny worked in Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini ‘MMS 2’. The film earned Rs 65 crores.

The song ‘Laila Teri’ from the film ‘Shootout at Wadala’ became very popular and after that his demand increased in the film industry and after that Sunny did one movie after another, some of which were hits and some were unsuccessful but still Sunny Leone. Sunny’s hard work and dedication is worth watching and she is working very hard to make her career in Bollywood and this is the reason that despite being from the porn industry, Sunny has more than one good offers today.

Let me tell you one thing – Sunny was approached by director Mohit Suri many years ago for the film Kalyug, but at that time Sunny had demanded 1 million dollars to work in the film, due to which Sunny was not taken in the film. Went.

Sunny has said goodbye to the porn industry in 2013 and she says that now she has no plans to return to the porn industry. Sunny is followed by more than 15 million people on Facebook and more than 1.2 million people on Twitter.

In films like Jism 2, Jackpot, Ragini MMS 2, she has left the impression of her old image and the audience has also liked it a lot, the fact was that people went to see these films only in the name of Sunny Leone, after this many films – Ek Paheli Leela, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, Tina and Lolo, Mastizade, Tera Intizar,

Sunny has now said goodbye to the porn film industry, but she does not regret spending ten years in that industry. She says belatedly – I have no grudge with my life and I would like to be born again as Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone tells about herself that even though she looks very bold on the screen, but in reality she is quite shy.

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